Anonymous: Can I still b a body posi feminist if I want to lose weight? I love my body but tbh it's so frustrating not being able to wear the clothes I want bc nothing's available in a size 28. Like, everyone tells me I'm not body posi if I want to lose weight so idk what to think :/


body positivity is simply defined by your ability to love your body. if you are losing weight in a safe and health way, you are body positive. and even if you have days when you dont like your body, it makes you no less body positive. everyone has those days, we are human, we are girls, obviously we’re gonna have those days living in this kind of society with all these expectations. so long as you do not judge other bodies or internalize hatred for body shapes that are not the societal norm then you are a body posi babe. 

also just a side note: the body positive movement advocates for people, especially women, to have complete control of their bodies and how they feel about it. and you are in control, you can do what ever you want to it! dont let people make you feel like you arent body posi when you really feel u are!